The Chopsticks: More Than Just a Restaurant

There’s a rich cultural history and tradition deeply imbedded in Vietnamese cuisine and at The Chopsticks, we like to think that we’re carrying the torch, preserving ancient recipes with modern cooking methods. At our restaurant, we not only like to share the complex tastes of Vietnamese cuisine with as many people as possible, but through […]

The Chopsticks – Best Cooking Classes in Town

Traveling around Saigon you’ll likely fill your pockets with a cornucopia of souvenirs. There are many treasured items you might want purchase to remember the rich history of Vietnam, but few will have the longevity of a cooking class. At The Chopsticks, we specialize in creating the finest in traditional Vietnamese cuisine, using locally sourced […]

All You Can Eat Concept Arrives in Saigon – But How Does It Work?

Vietnamese cuisine is vast, eclectic and unique, where specialties vary through different provinces. Hanoi in know for its Bun Cha, Hoi An for its Cau Lau My and Danang for its vast array of fresh seafood. For many people visiting Vietnam, this can be justifiably intimidating. You may wonder how you’ll go about trying all […]

Exploring Saigon: The Neighborhood Around The Chopsticks, Home Finest, and Ngon Villa

While District 3 may only be a stone’s throw from central District 1, it can often feel remarkably different, with a far slower pace, smaller crowds, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Stunning colonial architecture, temples, and parks are placed sporadically throughout the neighborhood, along with a range of shopping options. If you’re in the area, […]

Saigon’s Essential Dishes: Savory and Sweet

In Ho Chi Minh City, commonly referred to as Saigon, the food is uniquely its own. Heavy influences from China and a close proximity to the ocean, along with the bustling, fast developing world of any metropolitan area, has created a cuisine of sweet, savoury, rich and delicious food. Here are four must-eats in Vietnam’s […]

Signature Dishes of The Chopsticks

There are a lot of elements to The Chopsticks that make our restaurant unique. To start with, we’re housed in the former residence of Mr Tran Van Huong, the Vice President of the South Vietnam Government before 1975. We’ve got a range of signature cocktails and a world-class wine-list, too. What really separates us from […]

6 Reasons Why Viet Deli is the Perfect Choice for a Tet Party

When it comes to a Tet holiday party, there are a few boxes that need ticking. Good food and quality drinks are a must. Great atmosphere and suitable spaces are an important bonus. Fortunately, across all of our Viet Deli restaurants, we’ve got the ingredients to throw a roaring and memorable office party. Here are […]

Looking for Restaurants for Your Family Tet Celebration?

At Viet Deli, we understand the importance of family during Tet Nguyen Dan. Tet holiday is a time to rid yourself of any bad omens and welcome a prosperous year with the ones you love. We understand that any mistakes made during your Tet holiday meal would be disastrous, that’s why we’ve got Tet-experts on […]

9 Must-Have Dishes to Eat During Tet

Tet holiday, known as Lunar New Year through most parts of the world, is the biggest celebration in Vietnam. When it comes to Tet, nothing brings the family together quite like food, both the cooking and the consumption of it – it is, after all, the main event of the holiday. You’ll find the whole […]

What is The Chopsticks?

Designed and created with a passion for Vietnamese street food, The Chopsticks brings to Saigon a mix of tradition and modernity; all created using the finest in fresh products. When eating at The Chopsticks, you’ll find that our a la carte menus provide the best in Vietnamese cuisine, with signature dishes including crab and coconut […]