Designed and created with a passion for Vietnamese street food, The Chopsticks brings to Saigon a mix of tradition and modernity; all created using the finest in fresh products. When eating at The Chopsticks, you’ll find that our a la carte menus provide the best in Vietnamese cuisine, with signature dishes including crab and coconut jus hot pot, char-grilled chicken, and herbal tofu with chilli rock salt. Our combination of authenticity and originality create the perfect Vietnamese dining experience.

We’ve housed ourselves inside the former home of Mr Tran Van Huong, the former Vice President of the South Vietnam Government before 1975. Many of the original features of the house have been maintained, including the beautiful wrought iron gates and windows, along with the garden entry, sweeping staircase and earthy timberwork.

This stylishly decorated home is embossed in natural hues, with intimate dining areas and large rooms across each floor, where long tables are met with personal enclaves to provide the ideal seating for every occasion. There are private rooms which can accommodate 8 guests each, along with private floors that can be occupied by up to 40 guests, making The Chopsticks the ideal place for a stylish get-together.

As an authentic experience when traveling Vietnam, many tourists enjoy attending cooking classes to bring back the ultimate souvenir: The skills to replicate this fantastic cuisine at home. At The Chopsticks, we provide diverse, fresh ingredients to help you on your way to making nutritious salads, rice and noodle and meat dishes. These classes are led by our world-class chefs, who love to share their culinary secrets, teaching you how to shop at local markets and demonstrate how simple it is to make this fantastic, diverse cuisine back at home.

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