There are a lot of elements to The Chopsticks that make our restaurant unique. To start with, we’re housed in the former residence of Mr Tran Van Huong, the Vice President of the South Vietnam Government before 1975. We’ve got a range of signature cocktails and a world-class wine-list, too.

What really separates us from other restaurants, however, are our signature dishes. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine has been passed down from generations and made with fresh flavors and quality ingredients. We’re sure there will be something unique and tasty for everybody.

Grilled prawns with salt and chilli

Vietnam has an expansive coastline, which we like to make the most of with a menu of fresh seafood. All our seafood is handpicked every day by our in-the-know chefs, straight from the local market.

Roasted duck with herbs

While it may be also be a famous Chinese dish, roasted duck has become a prominent element to Saigon’s cuisine, along with many other Chinese-influenced dishes. We prepare our roasted duck with the finest local herbs to maintain a fresh, authentic taste that differs to the Beijing equivalent.

Mekong langoustines in coconut flambé       


We’re proud of the abundance of eclectic food that we have surrounding us here in southern Vietnam. The Mekong langoustine, plucked straight from the Mekong Delta, is paired with the freshest local coconuts and cooked in a flambé – an authentic delicacy that our chefs take great pride in.

Southern crab hot pot             


Eating in Vietnam is more than just a way of filling yourself up – eating is a way of getting together, bonding, and just seeing how your day’s going. No dish brings a group together quite like a hot pot. Our southern crab hot pot uses the finest locally caught crabs and the freshest handpicked vegetables and places it all inside of a simmering pot in the center of your table.

Herbal tofu with chilli rock salt    

While Vietnamese dishes can sometimes be a little meat-heavy, it would be impossible to overlook the power of tofu. Served across the country, from bia hois to upscale restaurants, this vegan/vegetarian staple is the perfect mix of soft and crispy, served up by our tofu-loving chefs.

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